Around The Coin

Eric Shoykhet, CEO of Link Financial Technologies

March 08, 2023 Faisal Khan and Mike Townsend | Glassbox Media Episode 477
Around The Coin
Eric Shoykhet, CEO of Link Financial Technologies
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In this episode, Mike Townsend interviews Eric Shoykhet, Founder of Link Financial Technologies and Atom Finance, venture-backed software companies that collectively have raised $100mm. Previously, he was an investor at Governors Lane, an event-driven hedge fund. At Governors Lane, Eric worked on investments across a variety of sectors including industrials, financials, technology, and consumer staples. Prior to this, he worked in the Restructuring and Reorganization group at Blackstone. Eric graduated from the Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business at the University of Pennsylvania with degrees from both the Wharton School and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Introduction: Eric Shoykhet, CEO of Link Financial Technologies
The Trajectory snd Funding Cycle for Startups
The Interest Rate and Centralized Monetary Policy
People Getting Pressure to invest on Things Outside of what Thay typically Investing In
Misconceptions about Covid and the Tech Adoption
When The Markets Wake Up, They Wake Up Quickly
The Social Price
Investors on Absolute Returns and Relative Returns
Investment Decision Enhanced through AI
Prior to Link Money and How Link Money Started
The Main Focus of Link Money
Seamless UX for The Customer
"We're a enterprise payments company with a complete merchant driven focus."
Target Merchants
U.S. Being Behind in terms of Payments
Merchants Before Vs. Now in Terms of Payments Options
The Tech Layers in Link Money
The Timing of Moving Money
The Bedrock Thesis
Hiring People
The First Customer
Raising Funds
The Risk for the Merchant and Value Proposition