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Stephany Kirkpatrick, Founder & CEO of Orum

March 29, 2023 Faisal Khan and Mike Townsend | Glassbox Media Episode 482
Around The Coin
Stephany Kirkpatrick, Founder & CEO of Orum
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In this episode, Mike Townsend speaks with Stephany Kirkpatrick the founder and CEO of Orum, the simplest API integration for instant payouts. A digital executive and seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in companies across a variety of industries, from startups to Fortune 100 corporations, Stephany founded Orum in 2019 on the belief that consumers should have immediate access to their money. A CFP by training, Stephany has spent the last decade of her career building technology to optimize financial outcomes for Americans – first at LearnVest and Northwestern Mutual where she helped design its financial planning software and now at Orum where she is leading a team that is building the new financial infrastructure that allows money to move immediately and automatically across accounts, products, and financial institutions. To date, Orum has raised $82M from investors, such as Accel, Bain Capital Ventures, Homebrew, SVB Capital, and American Express Ventures. Orum's customers include a range of leading fintechs across, lending, investing, crypto and insurance, including, Coinflow (FKA Phantasia), Kalshi, Nth Round, Dots, and Ponto. 

Introduction: Stephany Kirkpatrick, Founder & CEO of Orum
Starting Orum
Career Transition
Speed in Money Transfer is an Obvious Problem
The Inspiration of Building the System
The Real Time Payment (RTP) System
Being Successful in Payments Industry
API Integration for Instant Payouts
The ACH sytem being Manual
FedEx and UPS
FedNow and CBDC
The SVB Collapse and the Banking Industry
Regional Banks
Treasury Management
The benefits of having Technology layer to Distribute Money
A Financial Planner's Characteristics
How things Change in the Financial Planner's Industry?