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Why Charitable Giving Matters? - Adam Nash | ATC #491

July 28, 2023 Faisal Khan and Mike Townsend | Glassbox Media Episode 491
Around The Coin
Why Charitable Giving Matters? - Adam Nash | ATC #491
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Join us in this episode of Around The Coin as we delve into the fascinating world of tech and finance with our special guest, Adam Nash, CEO and co-founder of Daffy. We explore the cyclical nature of the tech industry, its ups and downs, and the impact of the Federal Reserve on startup funding. Adam's expertise in personal finance shines through as he shares valuable insights and discusses Daffy, a donor-advised fund company that has raised an impressive $17 million to date. Discover the dynamics of charitable giving, the motivations behind it, and the dilemmas that arise. Unravel the purpose of charities and nonprofits and learn about the path to a better giving world. With engaging discussions on revolutionizing nonprofit transparency and more, this episode will open your eyes to the powerful intersection of technology and philanthropy. Don't miss out on this thought-provoking conversation with Adam Nash, and be sure to share your feedback with us!

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Fed's Impact & Startup Funding
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Charitable Giving Insights
Motivations in Charitable Giving
"Investing: Skill or Gambling?
Financial Advisors: Therapists or Asset Managers?
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Giving Dilemmas
Charities and Nonprofits: Unraveling the Purpose
Nonprofit Bureaucracy & the Path to a Better Giving World
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